Many men are notorious for ignoring their health and wellbeing. Here are four simple ways men can look out for themselves and take control of their health.

From annual dental visits to trips to the doctor, men are less likely to attend to their health than women.

In fact, one international study found that only half of men surveyed get regular check-ups, and almost three-quarters said they would rather do household chores than visit a doctor.

From not wanting to talk about personal details to fear of bad news, the reasons for this lack of self-care vary wildly.

If you’re a guy who recognises these traits in yourself, it might be time to start putting your wellbeing first.

Here are a few easy ways you can look after yourself.

Find a sport or exercise you love

Working out doesn’t have to mean pumping iron in the gym or getting up at 5 am for crossfit sessions. Any physical activity is a worthy one, and most of us need to be moving more.

Exercise is beneficial for practically every part of life. From boosting your immune system to improving your energy levels and helping with weight management, there are few downsides to a great sweat session.

And when you find something you love – be it rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, kite surfing, or something else – it hardly feels like a work out at all.

Make time for your hobbies

Self-care isn’t all about working out and sneaking more kale into your diet. Wellbeing is just as much about feeling ok mentally as it is about the physical side.

Hobbies are common when we’re kids but often fall by the wayside as we age and prioritise work and other commitments. But it’s important not to forget about doing the things you love – they will help you feel rested, relaxed, and more fulfilled.

This could be playing an instrument, going mountain biking, discovering new microbreweries, catching up with friends, doing some DIY around the house, filling your home with plants, reading, drawing and painting, or even gaming. If it’s something that you enjoy and makes you feel like you’ve had a break from the stresses of daily life, it’s worth setting time aside for.

Watch for common symptoms

If you’re the type to avoid doctors, you should at least know a few key symptoms to look out for so you can keep an eye on your own health.

The first is excessive urination. Overly frequent peeing can be a warning sign for a number of issues, from a urinary tract infection to problems with your liver, kidneys, or heart.

Another is chest pain. It’s important to remember that chest pain doesn’t necessarily mean ‘heart attack’. It could be anything from anxiety to angina, including digestive problems such as acid reflux.

ED – erectile dysfunction – is one of the toughest topics for men to talk about. If this occurs regularly, it could be a symptom of a huge range of illnesses and problems, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, or alcoholism.

Finally, a beer belly might be the butt of jokes with mates, but it’s also a symptom. Usually it’s simply a sign that you need to cut back on the beers and treats and do a little more exercise, but it is also possible that it’s a sign of something else, such as liver disease.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s definitely time to make an appointment with a GP and get to the root of the cause to find a solution.

Get on good terms with fruit and veg

Fruit and vegetables are filled with the vitamins and nutrients we need for a well-balanced diet, but they’re sometimes ignored for starchy and meaty food alternatives.

If nothing else, you can make a habit of including at least one fruit or vegetable with each meal. Keep your home well-stocked with fresh produce (look for in-season produce for the best taste and lowest prices), or consider signing up for a subscription service that delivers fresh produce to inspire you to use more in your cooking.

Additionally, you can also consider adding supplements to your diet to fill any gaps.

Vitamin C sachets, multi-vitamin tablets, omega-3s and other basics are all readily available and easy to incorporate into a morning routine to help boost your health and ensure you’re giving your body what it needs to get through the day.

One of your basic supplement options is vitamin C, which is vital as the body is unable to make its own. This essential vitamin is a powerhouse, helping you to absorb iron, boosting the immune system, and maintaining general health. Adding a daily vitamin C sachet to your day can ensure you’re getting enough of this important nutrient. These sachets offer an absorption rate that 80% higher than standard vitamin C*, and also support iron absorption, normal function of the immune system, and some cell protection from free radicals thanks to their antioxidant properties.

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* Based on a clinical study comparing 10g Vitamin C Lipo-Sachets to 10g standard vitamin C. Ref: Maciej Lukawski (2019).

Disclamer: This content is for informational purposes only and should not substitute advice from your healthcare professional. If symptoms persist or you require specialist advice, please consult your healthcare professional.



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