Mum is always number one. Here’s how to put her health and happiness first this Mother’s Day – whether she’s in your isolation bubble or not.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and like many events this year, it will be unlike any we’ve experienced before.

Some will be lucky enough to be sharing an isolation bubble with their mums, so will be able to spend the day together. Whereas others will have to continue to wait for that eventual, wonderful hug.

No matter your situation, putting your mum first has always been the point of Mother’s Day, and that’s one thing that won’t be any different this year.

Cherishing mum in the time of COVID-19

You might not be able to see your mum in-person this Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show her how much she’s cherished.

There are several ways you can give her mental wellbeing a boost and show her how much you care.

Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day – and every day!

  • Share meals together over FaceTime or Zoom

  • Get ‘together’ for breakfast, lunch or dinner over video chat. Make it extra special by ordering a meal for your mum from her favourite takeaway, or drop her off some of her favourite treats.

    If you are fortunate enough to be in the same bubble, now’s the time to hit the supermarket and cook a wonderful meal at home.

  • Get a gift delivered

  • Many local retail stores are now offering contactless pickups and delivery, so you can easily organise for a bouquet of flowers, or simply for a new book or other gift to be delivered to her door.

  • Buy her a voucher

  • There are plenty of things we can’t do right now, but can still look forward to. This could mean a voucher for her favourite restaurant that you can visit together once it’s safe, a voucher for a spa and pamper day, or two tickets to a fun local tourist attraction.

    Having something to look forward to will always be welcome in times like these, and it can truly help local businesses to keep ticking over as well.

  • Honour her isolation bubble

  • As tough as it is, remaining in our isolation bubbles can be the best thing to protect loved ones, especially those who are older or who suffer from underlying health issues.

    If your mum falls into that category, you can help to ensure she doesn’t need to get out of her bubble any more than necessary.

    For example, you might do a supermarket shop for her, or bring her a box of face masks and gloves for when she does go out.

Looking out for her health

One day, we’ll be able to look back on these crazy times and feel incredibly grateful for the ability to visit movie theatres, catch up with friends, and not dodge people while out for a walk, but even then, everyday health should still be a priority.

There are plenty of ways you can look out for your mum’s health, both during COVID-19 and in general.

  • Encourage regular check-ups

  • Gently encourage your mum to get regular check-ups, especially if she has any preexisting or long-term conditions. Seeing the GP regularly will also ensure she doesn’t miss any important screenings, such as mammograms.

    It’s also wise to understand which medications she’s on, in case you ever need to provide assistance.

  • Share healthy recipe ideas

  • While most mums might not respond well to their child trying to govern their diets, you can at least share fun recipe ideas or drop her off delicious, nutritious meals. Food is a wonderful way to show how much you care, especially when meals are prepared with love.

    Another option could be to see if she’s interested in one of the many food subscription boxes available.

  • Keep an eye on bone health

  • One area in particular you should always keep an eye on is bone health.

    One estimate suggested that approximately 70,000 New Zealanders had been diagnosed with osteoporosis – of which 90% were female. It results in low bone density, which can lead to more fractures. Osteoporosis New Zealand also states that at least one in three women, in and one in five men, will have an osteoporotic fracture during their lifetime.

    Good calcium intake is one of the best methods of prevention for osteoporosis, which is why a diet high in calcium is important for anyone over the age of 50, and supplements such as Calci-tab can be beneficial for those with a calcium deficiency.

    Foods high in calcium include:

    - Milk

    - Yoghurt

    - Cheese

    - Leafy greens

    - Broccoli

    - Tinned salmon (with bones)

    - Non-dairy milks that have been fortified with calcium, such as soy or almond milk

    Other ways to prevent osteoporosis include regular exercise, and plenty of vitamin D, and limiting alcohol intake.

Disclamer: This content is for informational purposes only and should not substitute advice from your healthcare professional. If symptoms persist or you require specialist advice, please consult your healthcare professional.